TINUBU, Campaign team unhappy with Soyinka’s response to pyrates confraternity’s video

  • Joshua Lawore

 The APC candidate and members of his team are upset that Soyinka “systematically revealed that Tinubu got Parkinson’s disease.

The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the 2023 general election, Bola Tinubu, and members of his campaign team are not happy with the statement made by Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, condemning a viral video showing members of the Pyrates Confraternity mocking the former Lagos State Governor, a source told SaharaReporters on Monday night.Members of the Confraternity gyrated to an anti-Tinubu song during a procession in the video, mocking Tinubu for a speech he gave in June in Abeokuta, Ogun State, in which he pleaded for power to be turned over to him. “Hand dey shake, leg dey shake, Baba wey no well, e de yell emi lo kan (Hands are shaking, legs are shaking. A sick old man shouting, “It’s my turn!”

“Emi lo kan (2ce), Baba wey no well, him dey shout emi lokan (It’s my turn (2ce), a sick old man is shouting ‘it’s my turn’”.  

Tinubu, who appeared frantic during the speech, said, ‘Emi lo kan,’ which translates as ‘It’s my turn.’ He described how he consoled President Muhammadu Buhari after he failed three times to become Nigeria’s President. Eventually, a political alliance led by Tinubu assured Buhari’s victory in the 2015 presidential election. 

However, Soyinka, who formed Pyrates Confraternity as a university student in Ibadan, Nigeria, branded making fun of Tinubu because of his illness as unpleasant.

“I have listened to the lyrics of the chant intently and I am frankly appalled. I find it distasteful. I belong to a culture where we do not mock physical afflictions or disabilities. Very much the contrary. The Yoruba religion indeed designate a deity, Obatala, as the divine protector of the afflicted, no matter the nature of such affliction. This sensibility is engrained in us from childhood and remains with us all our lives. It operates on the principle of mortal frailty to which all humanity remains vulnerable,” Soyinka earlier said in a statement. 

“One of my favorite authors, about whom, by a coincidence, I had cause to write quite recently, was CLR James, author of The Black Jacobins, Beyond A Boundary etc. etc. I called him my ideological uncle. He suffered from Parkinson’s Disease, but remained alert, lucid and combative for decades after the onset of the disease. We interacted politically at the Tanzanian pan-African Congress, the Dakar Festival of Negro Arts and a number of other cultural and political fora. 

“We met frequently in his lifetime, dined together in restaurants, despite his challenge. it would be unthinkable, and a desecration of his memory to be part of any activity that mocked his affliction. A further statement will be issued when I have made further enquiries into this strange, uncharacteristic outing of the association.” 

However, a close source to Tinubu whistleblow that the APC candidate and members of his team are furious that Soyinka “systematically exposed  Tinubu got Parkinson’s disease, thereby confirming that he’s an invalid candidate.” 

The APC leader returned to Nigeria on January 24, 2021, after a month’s absence from Nigeria,He then went for a medical check-up on Thursday, June 10, 2021, to France and was conspicuously absent from the one-day working visit of President Muhammadu Buhari to Lagos. 

“Tinubu is in Paris, France for a medical checkup. His health is deteriorating due to old age,” according to a top source 

Tinubu, amid death rumours, was forced to return to the country on Tuesday, June 15, 2021.  According to another source Tinubu was hospitalised in Maryland, the United States in July 2021 where he had knee surgery. 

“Tinubu is hospitalised in Maryland, US. His health is failing. He couldn’t participate in launching his Arewa library, and he couldn’t participate in the Local Government Area elections last week. He could not attend today’s APC congress due to health reasons. 

“He had a surgery last week,” an authoritative source had disclosed at the time.  

On August 9, 2021, Tinubu had another knee surgery at the John Hopkins University Hospital in Maryland, the United States.  

The APC chieftain, it was learnt that he left  the United States for the United Kingdom on crutches, a few days after the surgery. 

Sources close to Tinubu had said that he wanted the surgery in Paris, France but changed his plan over rumours of his death. 

“Tinubu recently underwent his second surgery at John Hopkins University in Maryland.” He was accompanied by a well-known Nigerian doctor in Chicago. He sought the surgery in Paris, but as word spread about his demise, he rushed to Nigeria and went to John Hopkins,” another insider said, Tiinubu was seen with a walking stick during Buhari’s visit in 2021, verifying this’ story that he underwent a second surgery in the United States. 

Tinubu currently follows in the footsteps of President Buhari, who has spent hundreds of days on medical leave in the United Kingdom since taking office in 2015.

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