Doctors, nurses assaulted by relatives of dead patient resume duties in Osun State

  • Moshqur Adedapo

The administration of the Osun State University Teaching Hospital, Osogbo, announced yesterday that all staff members who had ceased providing services in protest of attacks on them by upset patients’ relatives had now fully resumed their responsibilities.

A few thugs and the family of a patient who passed away last Thursday after being brought into the hospital’s Accident & Emergency Department with other patients had assaulted several of the on-duty doctors and nurses and interfered with operations within the hospital.

The thugs, who are accused of bringing firearms and other deadly weapons into the hospital, began shooting and beating medical professionals after the patient passed away.

After an urgent meeting shortly after the attack, members of the Association of Resident Doctors’ Osun State University Teaching Hospital chapter decided to go on a three-day warning strike to denounce the assault and demand that hospital administration increase security both inside and outside the facility.

The association claimed that the area around the hospital was dangerous and permeable, and it added that its members had previously been attacked by hoodlums and upset patient relations.

The medical professionals withdrew all clinical activity in the hospital in a statement released after the meeting and signed by the association’s president, Dr. Solomon Ilori, and secretary, Dr. Felix Olaomi. A copy of the statement was sent to news reporters in Osogbo.

Before they could resume their duties, the doctors demanded, among other things, the urgent provision of armored tanks, trained security personnel, and security positions at both hospital entrances.

However, the hospital’s head of corporate affairs, Mrs. Christy Oyewole, told The Guardian yesterday that things had returned to normal and that the striking doctors had started working again.

“The hospital has appropriately handled the issue, and plans have been put in place to ensure the security and safety of employees, patients, and relations. As a result, there is currently no longer a problem. We have also put procedures in place to prevent similar incidents in the future. The hospital is operating smoothly, and our doctors have returned to work.

“On the basis of a deceased patient, hoodlums attacked last Thursday. I believe there were problems, there were gunfire, and they carried their casualties to the hospital’s A&E section.

So, after losing one of the casualties, they began targeting the A&E staff, including the physicians, nurses, and department members. As a tertiary hospital, we did our best to follow all treatment standards till the patient passed away. There was no negligence involved. Our doctors and nurses were being beaten and shot at by the thugs, she said.

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