UNIOSUN Makeshift Theatre Hall: A Transformation Worth Discussing


A theatre room or hall is usually with a raised platform and tiered seats for an audience, used for lectures, film shows etc usually in schools, communities and could be a private sector for people to watch entertainers on stage.

Every theatre hall whatever the location and size can be classified as “UNIQUE,” and that is the same category the Osun State University, Ikire Campus theatre halls falls into, it is an improvisation of a theatre hall, yet, it can be called a structure where entertainment can be displayed by the students and watched by the audience.

The Director of the Performing Arts in the Campus, Mr. Nicholas Akpore spoke with UNIOSUN COMMUNICATORS about the success of the construction and decoration of the hall commissioned on October 29, 2021.

He made it known that the school invested nothing less than 2 million naira whilst Professor Muyiwa Awodiya, the management Director and the founder of theatre arts in the University donated 1 million naira for the construction and design of the hall.

The students of the department are gracious and extremely excited towards the achievement because they now have a proper avenue to display the practical aspect of what their course entails. Also, the lecturers are proud to have a way of being able to teach the students without having to be travelling to other schools for practical.

The stage painted in a completely dark is high enough that you will have to climb on steps before you can reach there, it is fascinated in sight and has a back stage for performers to dress up on the other side of the hall was a beautiful cubicle decorated with different images and artistic features which depicts so many things like an image of two bata dancers, two balley dancers (male and female), a mask of a happy and unhappy person which depicts tragedy in art an headset and other colourful images to show that the hall for entertainment and theatre.

Also, in the hall, there are ten (10) lightening, speakers and seaters and there is a secular office for the theatre hall director which contains different set of drums, sewing machine for the costumes and other entertainment instruments.

Mr Nicholas Akpore said: “The stage is just a makeshift. It is the purpose of accreditation. The school is working on a budget of a theatre hall that costs nothing less than 30 million naira for building, decorating and constructing a proper and standard theatre hall, also the lightening in the make shift hall costs 1 million naira which means creating a theatre hall is no joke and it is equally very expensive, so the department still has a long way to go and we are doing excellently well for a start.”   

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