Brymo Drops Double Albums “Esan”, “Harmattan And Winter”


Nigerian singer and songwriter, Olawale Ashimi Ọlọfọrọ best known as Brymo has released two surprise albums, as his eighth project and ninth studio albums respectively.

The two projects “Esan” and “Harmattan and Winter” have nine tracks each, as reflected in their respective artworks.

The award-winning singer via his social media pages — Twitter — announced the albums, describing them as an “ode to everyone, to every SIGMA, woman and man, to order!.. This is homage to karma, and to the seasons!!! 

 ‘Esan’ is Yoruba for revenge while ‘Harmattan and Winter’ is symbolism for the transition from insufficiency to sufficiency.

Both albums explore heartbreak and healing. Brymo released his first album, Brymstone in 2007 – it was released independently. What is widely regarded to be his best album, Merchants, Dealers, and Slaves dropped in 2013.

Brymo will host Organized Chaos on October 1, 2021.

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